Located in Pacific Palisades, California, Bellino Drive Residence by Mayes Office is an example of a contemporary home with a high dose of originality. The starting point for the project was the surrounding landscape, with ocean views taking center stage: “Due to building height restrictions, proposing a second story from the existing grade level was not an option. Our solution was to create a first level floor plan carved out of grade and a second floor floating above to meet height requirements. The second story and roof deck maximizes square footage while providing expansive views of the ocean and surrounding mountains”, explained the architects.

The relatively modest facade gradually makes room for unexpected interiors. An array of materials and finishes makes the place feel dynamic and welcoming. Natural light flows freely throughout the residence, due to floor-to-ceiling-windows and a skylight above the atrium. A high level of openness is exhibited by the garden facing side of the residence, where the windows and terraces communicate with the inner courtyard. Enjoy the gallery below and let us know what you think! [Photography by Tara Wujcik]