A potted tree hanging from the ceiling is an unusual focal point, but it can be elegant nonetheless. The Mansfield House is one of those homes with amazing interior decor. Staring from the entrance, the house presents itself as out of the ordinary. A tree inside hangs from the ceiling in the main entrance hall, connecting social spaces with the upstairs, shining natural light deep inside the home. Imagined by Amit Apel Design, the two-story home in Los Angeles, California, has a myriad of details, take your time to see each one melting into the next. The home’s atmosphere was constructed with an abundance of windows and skylights. This helps set the tone for the interior design.

Committed to a sleek, modern design with ample spaces, the floor plan was split between the downstairs open floor social space and the upstairs private bedrooms. And everything comes together with the help of a potted tree hanging in the middle of the house.

We’ve seen some trees being protected by architecture, some trees embedded in landscape and architecture and trees inspiring architecture. What we’re seeing new in this home is a tree that hangs from the ceiling, acting both as a constant reminder to live green and as a visual filter for the large amount of light penetrating the staircase.

A black and white bathroom with beautifully contrasting details also steals the show upstairs. Must be a pleasure waking up to a bright view of treetops and rooftops. Each bedroom is abundantly lit with natural light. Spaces to relax and enjoy friends and family as companions can be found all over, from the covered outdoor dining space to the dark lounge corner next to the open kitchen. A pool and geometric landscaped outdoor lounge area creates a strong bond to the outdoors, making this home one to put on your inspiration list. The architects did an amazing job opening up all spaces, so that inhabitants can live an indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

Amit Apel Design also imagined this artful display of lines and Japanese influences: Project 355 Mansfield in California. Head over to the project to see how modern meets traditional in style and until then, enjoy the photos of the Mansfield House.