Studio Yaroslav Galant completed the design of Hanaya, a Japanese restaurant and sushi bar in Lisbon, Portugal. The eclectic concept was inspired by the owners’ travels across Portugal and their interest in Japanese culture.

References to traditional Portuguese aesthetics merge with the principles of Japanese philosophy. For example, the stone “lace” from the Monserrate Palace in Sintra became a prototype for the stamped wall. The bar’s metal facade repeats drawings of a typical Portuguese tile and is reminiscent of fish scales.

Simplicity and understatement, common to Japanese aesthetics, infuse the room. Metal fittings adorn the wine bar, while flowerpots add a rustic feel. An unexpected wooden fragment of an ancient Portuguese mill adds character to an otherwise common corner.

Communicating with the customers in more than one language, this eclectic Lisbon restaurant will surely become a major attraction for tourists and locals alike. What do you think of the design? [Photos and information provided by Yaroslav Galant]