The Chorus project by Ganna Design is an original contemporary apartment spiced up with color additions in Taipei City, Taiwan. This thirty-year old house with mezzanine was the place where one of the inhabitants enjoyed beautiful years of childhood, so it was important to preserve these memories, but conduct a functional process of upgrading as well. And what other symbol of childhood to take advantage of than a complex color palette, popping up in various corners of the house?

A long dining table surrounded by colorful chairs divides the kitchen from the relaxation area. According to the description provided by the project developers, “the main wall in the dining room is cement finish plus dyed veneer and painted glass, creating a multi-layer color change. The upper level is used as private areas, the master bedroom and the kids room. Lotus color is the main color is the master’s bedroom and pink is the main color in the kids bedroom. The color adoption clear presents the characteristics of different users.” The new residence is described as a familiar space, full of memories, yet with a happy new look. [Photos by Siew Shien Sam / MWphotoinc]