MESURA’s Sant Mori Pérgola poolside retreat creates a new space for a family to enjoy sunny days at their summer home in Sant Mori, Spain.  Despite their regular use the pool, the adjacent patio was uncomfortable and unused.

The design used the common facade of a neighbor’s plain wall as its base.  The other three sides were left untouched.  One of these sides connects the space to the main home and the others provide views of the region’s beautiful landscape.

A long store room runs across much of the wall, a key aspect in the function and style of the design.  Its wooden construction removes the cold, lifeless look of the earlier stone facade.  Meanwhile, each of the three front panels works like a sliding door for easy access to whatever the family needs.

The defining feature of the space is its canopy.  Belts of light create beautiful shadows on the pavement that show the reflect the passage of time.  They also provide much needed shade.  The canopy transforms this space into a space for family to congregate. [Photography by Salva Lopez and information courtesy of MESURA]