A&A House in Athens, Greece is a three-floor, L-shaped private residence developed by WoARCHITECTS around an inner garden: “Every space is developed in the perimeter of the courtyard and therefore, through the existence of light and water, a dynamic relation of view, luminosity and reflection is created between the inside and outside spaces.” By using exposed concrete and local stone walls, the architects achieved a complex facade design, one that makes the building stand out in its environment.

The materials employed have a powerful functional purpose as well: “The polyline divides the house vertically between the public spaces and the private ones in the second level. The ground floor, through the extensive use of glass, becomes transparent and unifies the indoor spaces with the outdoor ones. So, for example, the kitchen is extended up to the barbeque area. On the other hand, the bedrooms on the second level are protected in the maximum degree”, explained the architects. A playful mix of textures drive energy inside the interiors, where every corner seems well staged and thus highly original. The simple color palette in gray and black is spiced up by bright red and green hues. Find the outcome appealing? [Photos by: Ioanna Roufopoulou]