The Keystone Ave Residence in Culver City, California is a modern family home completed by RILEY Architects. The focus of the project was to make the most of the temperate Southern California climate; this was mainly achieved by creating a social living space that extends outdoors with the help of a large terrace. A sense of warmth and harmony can be perceived throughout, due to an abundance of color and a well chosen mix of materials. The residence provides a healthy environment where the family can come together in various areas of relaxation, both in the garden and inside the house.

The overall design approach inspires playful dynamics. According to the architects, “the massing of two intersecting volumes allowed the street frontage to remain lower profile and in keeping with the surrounding urban fabric, while the two-story portion of the house created room to create additional bedrooms and a playroom for the growing family, the required covered parking became a perfect place for a long outdoor dining table and a small enclosed porch created the opportunity for an outdoor shower in the middle of the city.” Have fun strolling through the virtual gallery and please share your thoughts in the comment section below! [Photography by Jeff Goldberg]