Bringing a great concept to reality, the interior designers at 28 Form have created a coffee shop for parents with children. The unconventional gathering space in Wroclaw, Poland, displays a playful design scheme throughout.

As you enter, you are greeted by an array of colorful chairs and decorative wall pads. Between the tables is a contained play space for babies that has little windows. Wrapped in wood on the outside, this small shelter is visually integrated in the design of the coffee shop.

Various lampshades hang at different heights to create visual interest. One of the walls in the stairwell is coated in chalkboard paint; this not only matches the chalkboard wall above the barista, it also gives children a place to draw.

The second floor is a whimsical space, designed for bigger children to play, draw or attend workshops. We salute this creative project, as well as the idea behind it. What are your thoughts on this inviting coffee shop for parents with children?