Defined by the owners as “calm and sweet,” this playful apartment in Kharkov, Ukraine, features several interesting details. The client asked the creative team at Ki Design to create a “wow” effect in the 2,282-square-foot home, one that guests would admire and fall in love with. And the team delivered.

The highlight of the recently renovated apartment, located on the top floors of a turn-of-the-century building, is undoubtedly the slide linking the two levels. Other eye-catching details include a living wall, a hammock and a reading nook with a long wooden bench.

The first level accommodates the living room, kitchen and dining area, as well as spaces for future children’s rooms. Upstairs is the master bedroom with adjoining dressing room, a guest bedroom, a private bathroom and an office. The utility rooms also are located here.

“Since the apartment is located on the top floor, it has many skylights that provide natural light,” the designers said. “By increasing the number and height of the vertical window openings, we made the living space more spacious and bright.” [Photography by Sergiy Savchenko]