Art and its myriad expressions moves people into uncharted territory as they progress in creativity. Design ideas turn things that preoccupy artists into real objects. This Vladimir Putin bust speaker imagined by Russian artist Petro Wodkins is part of the SOP or The Sound of Power collection. And with good reason. Turning heads with its design and audio quality, this bust representing the Russian president was build based on this idea:

Play the people who play the world“.

Harsh looking, but smooth sounding.” That’s a short, descriptive way of embedding feelings into functional art. The first of the series, the bust of the Russian president Vladimir Putin plays whatever song you want.

“The Sound of Power (SOP)” was imagined by Petro Wodkins as a bust sculpture of Vladimir Putin with a speaker that you are encouraged to “play with love”. “The first design in this SOP series is Vladimir Putin, AKA St. Vladimir.”

The Sound of Power (SOP) series is a tribute to the porcelain figurines and the busts our grandparents loved to collect. Glossy white men and flawlessly carved maidens reminded us of something bigger than our ordinary lives and inspired to greatness. The Sound of Power is a contemporary reincarnation of these classical objects combining striking visual and audio quality. ”

Each piece is individually cast and polished so that visual, textural and finally, audible, come together to shape a bold artistic endeavor. The amplifier which serves as the SOP stand is also handcrafted, making the process time consuming as the details are carefully built. According to its creator, “the level of craftsmanship in SOP production is as high as it’s made for art exhibition.” The price of this speaker is also a detail that explores artistic expression:  €1,111. And they are limited edition items: only 100 were made.

The SOP Bust speaker is made of durable and marble like composite material. Equipped with a full range 4″ driver and built in base reflex. The SOP bust speaker offers distinct performance and sound clarity. The wooden SOP stand also serves as a bluetooth 20W amplifier. Gold like connectors and textile audio cords make SOP experience pleasant both visually and acoustically.”

What other public figures will the collection introduce next?