Susana Piquer is a multidisciplinary designer from Barcelona who can imagine spaces, shapes, textures and colors and then combine them to create inspiring settings. Piquer, who focuses on interior design and ephemeral architecture, is the founder of colapso studio. This project was for Softheads, a company that puts a creative (and pacifistic) spin on taxidermied hunting trophies by making whimsical fabric animal heads.

Piquer designed the space to serve three functions: an office, a workshop and a showroom open to the public. “The goal was to adapt the same room to different uses: create a useful workshop area for workers and one for the founders of Softheads working in the office, while appealing to the buyer space,” she says. “We managed to visually define environments without raising any physical separation.”

The space meets all functional requirements without losing aesthetics. Two hammock chairs, made with the same fabrics used to make the company’s products, act as a meeting place. The office area’s wall is covered with unique pieces and limited-edition items from the brand. The showroom features three large panels displaying the company’s collections.

The space is open to the public as a showroom only on certain days, so the work can be done and life can be lived in between. The vertical garden was created by Piquer and Softheads’ hands-on creative director after calculating the costs for it. “As the budget was huge, we bought around 15 kg of polar moss, a special kind that needs no light or water to survive and stay green,” she says.

Piquer told us that even Astra, the creative director’s dog, has her own space. As Astra spends a lot of time here, she was a huge influence on the design. Piquer designed a display for Softheads’ new dog head collection that doubles as Astra’s dog house.

“I designed a door in the house,” Piquer says. “As the dog is big, we spent some time measuring her to draw a square big enough, but she saw that the house was open in the back so she never uses the door. We tried to train her, placing cookies in the entrance, but she wisely decided to use it as a window.”

Piquer graduated from the University of Barcelona with a degree in Technical Architecture, a postgraduate degree in Interior Design and a master’s in Art Direction. “Having worked with artists and creative agencies, I am now working on my own with a multidisciplinary focus,” she says. “I combine my work projects with teaching in either universities or design schools.”

You might remember Piquer’s stunning work from the Rayén Vegano vegan restaurant in Madrid, which features an exciting ephemeral installation.