Located on the third floor of a beautiful central building in Gothenburg, this delightful one room apartment was carefully planned for a maximized living experience. As we were looking through the listings on Alvhem, our attention was captivated by the bright color scheme and open plan of this extremely functional small home. White oiled oak parquet flooring, mirror doors, stylish stucco, cast iron elements and ledges of rock- all contribute to a diverse and captivating design scheme.

This apartment may officially have only one room, but the bedroom alcove with spotlights and space for a larger bed offers plenty of privacy. The crib underwent a total renovation in 2008, when both the kitchen and bathroom were replaced. Walls were removed to create a better impression of space and a lovely brick kitchen island was built, adding warmth and coziness. The living room comes with large windows and views of the quiet Alvhem street and a glimpse of Rose Street. The walls are painted in a gray-white shade that provides a neutral base for further decoration. In one corner, behind a beautiful profiled door, there is a dressing room with ample storage space.