Basecamp Residence by Johnston Architects is an impressive lakefront house in Ronald, Washington, United States. According to the architects, the concept behind the project refers to pausing at a base camp before ascending a mountain: “This retreat was conceived as a place to recharge between milestones in life. The spatial organization allows one to reorient and reconnect with nature between activities. Basecamp provides distinct zones while blurring boundaries.” Especially envisioned to meet the active lifestyle of a family of seven, the house provides wonderful opportunities for both work and entertainment.

It is here that the owners often host clients from around the world, who come for consultancy services. Therefore, the program is a flexible one, suited for a variety of needs: “Although the functions are separated into three distinct blocks there is a blurring of boundaries between indoor/outdoor spaces through the use of gabion walls on the interior and window walls. The distinction between work and play is blurred. The kitchen island is reinvented as dining table and the dining room is often repurposed as conference room.” Sustainable features of the house include solar hot water collectors, high tech home automation systems that allow the owners to control temperature and lighting with iOS devices. [Photography courtesy of Johnston Architects]