Santiago Brotons Design completed an elegant loft with industrial-style influences in Berlin, Germany. The 320-square-foot penthouse is close to Ku-Damm, Berlin’s famous shopping area and features three terraces with views over the city.

As you step inside, you will be greeted by large open spaces filled with natural light. The designers used wooden beams painted in white to visually distinguish the functional zones; the ones  just below the ceiling reduce the scale of the apartment. Brick walls add to the masculine, “raw” feel of the place. Leather, steel, and soft fabric unite the design scheme, providing eye-catching detailing.

Designer elements make this penthouse in Berlin stand out: “Muun provided beds, Bocci the amazing light installations, Hygge Interior the smaller accessories, Norr11 the outdoor furniture as well as the sofas, tables, and chairs,” the architects explained. Artist Isabella Trimmel infused a contemporary feel to the space, with her graphic works.

The bedrooms are cozy and bright; you can sense that remarkable studio-feel even in the sleeping areas . The small sauna completes this home’s image of a big-city oasis. [Photography by Magnus Petersson]