La Belle Equipe is in an original Thaï boxing hall located in a charming Art Nouveau building in Paris. The unconventional sporting venue was envisioned by two friends (both former Thai boxing champions) who wanted to keep their passion alive.

Remy & Julien commissioned Spray Architecture to develop a place different from the traditional gyms, where boxing enthusiasts share their knowledge in a friendly atmosphere. The existing space was split to become two levels, each having a height of over three meters. A reception area, a desk, a cloakroom and individual tutoring space were created on the ground floor. Two changing rooms and a space for group boxing and yoga classes were designed in the basement.

Illuminated by a large glass roof, the reception and relaxation room set the tone for the belle equipe’s spirit. A sofa, a large library and a bar are the first elements that visitors can see through the entrance door.

The floor composed of triangles, lacquered in white or painted in black, creating a resonance with the glass roof. Separated by a sliding door, the traditional boxing ring is the place where private lessons are held. Guests can admire the trophies, belts, and photos of the two champions on the wall of fame along the Ring. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Chloe Kessler on behalf of Spray Architecture]