Fenwick Street House by Julie Firkin Architects surprises due to its unconventional architecture and indoor overlapping spatial volumes. Covering an area of 1,130 square feet, the project in Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia consists of a wooden addition to the original weatherboard cottage on the site: “This design was developed to maximize the available light and space on an oddly shaped block in the inner suburban setting of Clifton Hill. The addition is angular and tapered in form with an overhanging upper level which allows for the living spaces to be drenched in light in winter while providing shade in summer.” The two-level extension accommodates a bedroom suite, dining areas and a new kitchen.

An original architecture geometry creates surprising perspectives. Optimally connected to the outdoors, the interiors are fun to explore and therefore highly welcoming: “Inside, a variety of subtly overlapping spatial volumes is achieved within a relatively simple overall form. The character of the natural materials such as timber and concrete is expressed against white surfaces with occasional moments of strong color.” Have a look at the gallery below and let us know what you think! [Photos by: Christine Francis]