Bad Marlon focuses on bold, modern pet furniture for man’s best friend. Several styles are available, but the Oshu dog house stands out for its bold geometric pattern, weatherproof material, easy assembly and personalization options.

The South Korean brand believes that style should not be compromised, and that pets can have places to get comfy that coexist peacefully with human habitats. By launching this brand of stylish modern pet furniture, Bad Marlon can create a home “where pets and people exist in harmony with one another.”

The dog house is made of indoor-outdoor material. The geometric pattern of triangular holes lets light in, but the steep slope of the roof ensures that the house stays dry inside. Several modifications are available — the house can come with a cushion for your pooch to snooze on, or a small, organically shaped wooden stand to add height and protection from the elements.

One of the Oshu’s best features is that it’s held together by strong magnets, making it easy to assemble and just as easy to dismantle when it’s time to clean house. The magnets are strong enough to be difficult for your dog to knock apart.

The designers are optimistic about the modern pet furniture line: “We hope Bad Marlon’s designs can help to make a place where pets and people are not only aware of the other’s feelings but warmly share in them as well.”

Currently, the Oshu house is available for shipping only to South Korea, but there is an English-language site with international shipping in the works. Get a closer look at the Oshu dog house and see the entire line of modern pet furniture at Bad Marlon.