Two Moon is a new modern cultural center with a bold personality that can be visited in the province of Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The massive project envisioned by architecture company Moon Hoon integrates a gallery, a coffee shop and venues for an array of cultural events. Aiming to build “a free spirited space, full of festivity and relaxed atmosphere”, the architects began with envisioning several impact points embedded in simple, modern boxes. The project consists of two separate buildings, one for the client, and the other for his younger brother.

Ornaments and symbols can be seen throughout the surface of the two volumes, as well as inside the original-shaped cultural center: “The two boxes have an encounter with a large sphere, thus having a distinct concave space that signifies a moon motif. Right one is imbued with a balcony like a lure. The left one is given a horizontal slit. The other sides of the buildings also have contact points with small sphere, providing depth and apertures. The irregularities provided by contacts with the sphere are carried into the building to become space with some bulges, a space with some convex.” Roof gardens with circular apertures provide good places for relaxation. [Photography by Nam Goongsun]