An inner courtyard is the focal point of this modern residence designed by Purple Ink Studio in Bengaluru, India. The Courtyard House was planned after researching the climate of the area: “The site is east facing and has a vast public green space on the North side. The landscape scheme is conceptualized on generating a continuity with the surroundings and drawing the lines into the interiors of the building and connecting it with the courtyard which houses a sculptural tree”. According to the architects, all social areas are envisioned as exterior spaces, making the inside and the outside seem as one.

The architecture of the building is creatively adapted to the conditions of the site: “Based on climatological factors, the building is rotated towards the northern sides (to have maximum fenestration avoiding the harsh rays of the sun during the day) and a continuous water channel is introduced in the direction of the prevailing winds which aids in maintaining the micro-climate of the interiors.” The central courtyard floods the residence in natural light and provides ventilation through the pierced walls. Have a look at the photo gallery below and share your thoughts!