DP+HS Architects completed the design of a three-story residence in an affluent residential area in North Jakarta, Indonesia. Located on an irregular site in a cul-de-sac, the F+W House stands out due to its imposing contemporary silhouette.

The new home needed to accommodate eight people, so maximizing available space was paramount. “The mass is halved, and the rooms are placed on both sides,” the architects said. “The middle zone was transformed into a horizontal and vertical circulation corridor; this way, the area on both sides can be maximized as rooms.”

“The central corridor is paired with a long void that literally splits the mass of the building. A glass roof is placed on top of it as a skylight, which serves to bring in light all the way to the ground floor. Air outlets are located below the glass roof to draw the warm air out of the building and trigger cross-ventilation.”

The interiors are defined by a variety of textures. A highlight of the opulent home is a small rooftop shelter; it is here that the inhabitants can take in the distant sea views to the north. [Photography by Mario Wibowo and DP+HS Architects]