Dubbeldam Architecture + Design completed the development of Through House, a 1,450-square-foot residence located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The project (an upgrade of an existing dwelling) makes the most of a small lot in a dense neighborhood, offering the inhabitants bright and comfortable living spaces: “To preserve the intimate rear garden, the design challenge was to expand the interior space without increasing the footprint of the house. The dark, cramped interior was carved out to create bright, airy spaces connected by an open plan. Custom, built-in elements such as the stacked felt-clad fireplace delineate space without closing off one room to another”, explained the architects.

An urban courtyard wraps the backyard in whitened wood and offers opportunities for spending time outdoors. Clever detailing inside and out add originality and dynamics: “Materials and built-ins emphasize linearity, create the perception of expanding and stretching the space, and direct the eye through the house toward the garden. Large floor-to-ceiling glass panes dissolve the boundaries between inside and outside, extending the ground floor living space into the backyard.” The interior design inspires balance, freshness and transparency, with a color palette that stays true to minimalism, yet adds a little extra in the form of powerful, contrasting hues. [Photos by: Bob Gundu]