Woonhuis M, an open modern residence in North Brabant, the Netherlands, was envisioned by the creative team at WillemsenU Architecten. Exhibiting a bold character, the project is the result of an extensive transformation.

”The layout of the old house from the 1960s, situated on the outskirts of a village in the south of the Netherlands, no longer met the needs of the family’s changing lifestyle,”the architects say. “The clients wanted more space for their two growing children and for working at home.”

Maximizing living space while opening up the residence to the outdoors was one of the main requirements. “The existing layout, characterized by somewhat cramped rooms, was transformed into a logical, spacious plan,” the architects say. “The living room was relocated from the front of the house to the rear, where large windows on two sides of the living space offer views of the surrounding landscape.”

All interiors are minimalist, with functionality playing a key part in the design scheme. In the social area, a long kitchen island/dining table divides the room into multiple functional zones, each with its own atmosphere.

“The interior, the facades and the surroundings constitute a single comprehensive design,” the architects say. “All the parts are brought together to form a completely new, modernized and sustainable home with a different orientation and extra space.” [Photos by Hugo de Heij & Culimaat]