The open floor plan of this apartment on the coast of Valencia, Spain, places the focus on the outside rather than the inside. Showcasing a minimalist design, the Horizon Apartment, designed by Valencia-based Barea+Partners, frames stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

“The dwelling is organized as a sequence of spaces connected by a sculptural element that starts in a marble fountain in the hall, reaches the façade through the kitchen, and separates the dependencies of the bedroom, living room and dining room,” the architects say.

Simple in concept yet complex in execution and detail, the minimalist interior design is the result of drastic changes to the original layout. This opened up the spaces and explores the ever-changing play of light over the horizon.

“Each line has been coordinated to create separated volumes where indirect lighting is integrated, giving the project a formal purity that, together with wisely selected materials and decoration, generates a chromatic harmony and sense of peace,” the architects say.

Captured in photos by Arantxa Fernandez, the Horizon Apartment invites contemplation, meditation and simplicity. Its muted colors and bright natural light compose an atmosphere of harmonious, clutter-free luxury. What would it be like to live here?