This family home in San Francisco was re-imagined by Jeff King & Co as a cozy home where children and parents can carelessly flow from one space to another, from indoor to outdoor. Jeff King & Co Fine Home Construction makes a bold statement with this modest house that was made to measure for the growing members of the inhabiting family.

Adding square footage on the ground floor allowed designers to keep the four upstairs bedrooms and build an additional ensuite master bathroom for the parents and a master bedroom deck. As they set out to do, they “honored the traditional Edwardian design while bringing an updated contemporary feel“.

Built for a family of four who enjoys living both indoors and outdoors, the newly reorganized 1907 house was re-imagined as having a strong bond between these two environments defining our life. Inside, the need to be connected to the children as the family cooks, eats and plays made it necessary to have an open floor plan, where these activities can be combined. Up a carpeted staircase, the private quarters present themselves as modern, functional and cozy. The master bedroom overlooking the deck and roof garden gives parents enough privacy and ease of mind, replenishing their energy for the day to come.

The link between indoor and outdoor is the back facade, lined with white cedar shingles. Generous windows and glazed doors make the connection between the inviting indoors and the healthy and private outdoors. The garden hides a tree house and will bless the children with a happy, creative and outdoorsy childhood, like they all deserve. Photographed by Brian Mahany, the family home in San Francisco is perfect for a relaxed lifestyle, one that encourages creativity and peace.

Find out more details about this family home’s design from the designer’s blog page and enjoy the virtual tour!