Owned by a father with grown children, the fascinatingly contemporary Chautauqua Residence was designed by Studio William Hefner. Collecting rare books is one of the owner’s biggest satisfactions, so the house was envisioned to shelter a home library anyone would be proud of. Overlooking a canyon in the Pacific Palisades, the panoramic home known as the Chautauqua Residence has plenty of intimate and social spaces that turn it either into an oasis of relaxation or the perfect place for entertaining.

It would have been a pity not to take advantage of the panoramic views. So architect William Hefner and designer Kazuko Hoshino imagined the … as a site-specific dream home. Working with an amazing location, architects found it easy to determine the interior space arrangement and orientation for this astounding panoramic home. Interior spaces draw in light via large floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors that erase the lines between inside and out.

Neutral colors and textures combined resulted in a visually appealing, warm and comfortable living environment. Imagine entering this panoramic home only to find a functional modern great room opening to an infinity pool spilling over panoramic views. Check out the photos before you decide what else this home would need to be your dream home. Enjoy the virtual tour!