This home in Texas, the Matthews Residence by Austin-based Matt Garcia Design speaks for itself when it comes to style. Western red cedar dresses the residence on the outside, making it blend in with nature and dance under the shadow of constantly moving tree leafs. Newly built in Austin, Texas, the contemporary residence can make you feel energized and blessed.

You approach the home walking on a stone and pebble walkway. Past the wooden deck, white oak floors with a slight hand scraped texture lie at your feet as you move inside. Beautiful cabinetry breaks the monotony of white washed walls. Wooden insertions keep the same elegant note as they wrap the home from the outdoors in.

Floor-to-ceiling windows flood interiors with natural light as if they were trying to erase boundaries between indoor and outdoor. A transparency hardly seen in the majority of homes makes the Matthews Residence stand out.

The downstairs social space is completely transparent, large windows making it possible to see through to the back garden. Up the stairs, the private area opens up to view. These interiors by Kopicki Design charm you into staying more than you initially planned. Imagine waking up to hillside views of Austin or reading a good book resting on the comfy chair under the bedroom’s skylight.

The skylight in the main bedroom evokes feelings of closeness with natural weather expressions. Windows frame relaxing views outside, while the textures and natural color palette chosen for the interiors mimics stillness found in nature. Photographs taken by Casey Dunn show the Matthews Residence reflecting sunlight under the imposing tree that shades it.

Can you imagine inviting your friends over to this newly built modern home? Or do you have details that caught your eye? We would love to know, so share your thoughts in the comment section below.