The True Apartment by SVOYA Studio is a private modern home located in Kiev, Ukraine. The designers aimed to develop a peaceful refuge for the inhabitants to contrast the hectic rhythm of a bustling metropolis.

According to the designers, the customer wanted to convert the three-room apartment into a home with just two interiors: a spacious area that combined the kitchen and the living/dining room, and a large bedroom with lots of storage space and a glass-enclosed shower.

The finished space exudes a raw yet intimate feel, the result of using natural materials throughout. Wooden tiles from the Carpathian Mountains were used in the living area, while ceramic tiles from local potters enrich the design of the main hallway.

The apartment is decorated with elements designed by SVOYA studio, including Vpotolok lamps, Izdereva pedestals, a triptych with decorative nails, and paintings by artist Anton Sokolov. The hammock in the social area and the stylish candle support with pendant lighting on top add warmth and coziness.

See any other details you find appealing?  [Photos by Aleksandr Angelovsky]