KIENTRUC O completed the design and development of House 304, an ingenious vertical home located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The front facade is connected to an open street and emulates a tower — its size a tall and narrow 11.5 feet by 39 feet.

“In this house, we want to provoke an honest living experience for a young family living in a typical urban Vietnamese townhouse. The design context posed a challenge to create a casual, well-ventilated and well-lit space within the constrained building footage,” the architects explained.

The structure consists of five levels, connected through an elegant white stairway. On the bottom floor, the living room, dining area and kitchen line up from the main entrance. Two bedrooms take up the third and fourth level, while the upper volume accommodates an office and a wash room. A void and a skylight in the middle of the ceiling enhance natural lighting throughout the house.

House 304 is a combination of simple spatial functionality, contemporary materials and construction methodology. It is a pure representation depicting the life of a young Vietnamese family, that is straightforward and authentic,” the designers concluded. [Photos by Hiroyuki Oki]

How well do you think the designers handled this narrow, vertical home?