Daring Monochromatic Interior Scheme: “Home in Black Serenity” in Taipei

Employing a single color in a residential design scheme is a daring decision. When this particular color is black, then the outcome may range from shocking to shockingly elegant. This is the case with the rooms belonging to project “Home in Black Serenity”, recently completed by Taiwanese firms Atelierii + Just Make Design in Taipei. “Black is the color of the hidden, the secretive and the unknown, creating an air of mystery”, explained the architects behind the design. But is it also the proper choice when it comes to planning a welcoming home?

Naturally, the owners of this entirely black modern residence must think so. A superficial look at the house plans will reveal a complex layout: the residence features four bedrooms, located on both sides of a central hallway. The interior designers made use of a variety of textures, in order to visually set the functional areas apart. The most striking material employed is a rough wall made from natural stone, creating an interesting background for the open plan living and dining space. [Photo credits: Ivan Chuang]