If you’re partial to blue, you’re in luck: According to Zillow, blue rooms substantially increase the value of your home. Blue bathrooms top the list, adding up to “$5,400 more than expected to the sale price.” With so many shades to choose from, which blue gives you the most bang for your buck? Zillow’s report says that light blue bathrooms are best, although any blue seems to work.

Here’s a roundup of 25 inspiring blue bathroom ideas and tips to beautify your space and increase your home’s value.

Light blue bathrooms

You don’t need to add blue from floor to ceiling to create a dramatic blue bathroom. This bathroom features a single painted blue wall, coordinating towels and a mosaic tile stripe of various blue shades. Image: Elle Decor UK

This bathroom may be traditional, but the combination of marble with lighter blue walls and cabinets feels updated and modern. Image: Amy Studebaker Design

If you want to add blue to your bathroom without darkening your space, choose a paler shade of blue and coordinate it with a combination of crisp white, light grays and polished or brushed chrome hardware. Image: Country Living

Turquoise, teal and aqua bathrooms

Adding a coordinating mosaic tile wall accent, as well as other decor pieces like potted plants, candle holders and blue glass objects, gives blue bathrooms a unique, custom look. Image: Lorraine Masse Design

A rich turquoise subway tile adds the bold effect that homeowners are willing to spend extra money for. Image: ABB

Wanting something low-maintenance yet striking, the large and busy family that lives in this Frankfurt, Germany home chose to mix and match a light blue glass tile with a richer turquoise shade in a random pattern. The effect adds depth and hides dirt. Image: Shöne Rãume

To keep the turquoise tiles in this bathroom from feeling too repetitive, the designer chose to work with four sizes of tile in the same color and finish. Smaller field tile frames the toilet, a striped tile is featured in the entry wall reflected in the mirror and two sizes of larger tile adorn the shower and walls. Image: Veronica Rodriguez

Clean and simple aqua glass tiles work perfectly with the blond wood cabinet and beige floors. Image: Catherine Nguyen

Indigo blue bathrooms

The two indigo panels in this bathroom are contemporary and geometric. Image: Victoria Smirnova

If you want to be bold with your love of indigo blue, mount indigo glass wall panels or tile all of the walls and floors in a high-gloss porcelain. Image: Interio-Lab 

Homeowners worked with a designer to convert a basic white bathroom into a memorable blue one by adding indigo glass tile, a matching blown glass sink, a wall canvas and a ceramic vase. Image: Deirdre Eagles Design

Rich blue bathrooms

Designers grouted the honeycomb-pattern blue tiles in a contrasting ivory to accentuate the geometric pattern. Image: Domus Nova

Although the dark shade of these bathroom tiles could create the feeling of a small, cramped space, the designers cleverly added a wall of mirror and a floating ledge sink with under-the-sink lighting to brighten and expand the space visually. Image: Bathrooms By Design

When choosing a darker or more saturated shade of blue, be sure to add white accents and plenty of lighting to brighten up the space. Image: Elle Decor

This bathroom is all about the stunning blue field tile, which features several rich tones of blue. To ensure that the space doesn’t feel too dark, homeowners installed a wall of mirror over the sink and a clear glass shower door. Image: Domus Nova

Mixed blue bathrooms

Two-tone blue bathrooms are an easy way to create a signature look. In this case, homeowners added wainscoting (or headboard) to the lower half of the walls. They then painted it in a richer teal blue that complements the light blue upper wall. Image: Country Living

A Moroccan-inspired blue bathroom features various shades of blue, ranging from aqua to teal to indigo to navy blue. Image: Elle Decor

Patterned blue bathrooms

Homeowners combined patterned vintage wallpaper with slate blue cabinets. Image: Refined Custom Homes

Light blue bathrooms have the highest resale value. To add interest, consider using a wallpaper with a dramatic pattern that ties into the blue shade of your cabinets and tile. Image: Sandra Cross Interiors

A striped porcelain tile is set horizontally to add pattern to this blue bathroom design. The horizontal stripes appear to lengthen the bathroom’s dimensions. Image: Lautoka Urbana

Blue bathrooms featuring colored lighting

Believe it or not, this bathroom is white and gray. Homeowners installed LED lighting that can change to a variety of colors to convert an ordinary white bathroom into a cobalt blue one, as shown. Image: Severini Associati

Custom glass used on the countertop and the panel to the right, which divides the bathroom from the shower area, is lit with LED lights to “color” the glass. Image: Lorraine Masse Design

The beautiful tile work of this blue bathroom design is accentuated by the indigo ceiling-mounted LED lights. Image:  Cinzia Pagni

Whether you’re moving into a new home or selling your old one, upgrading your bathroom with blue details will likely pay off. What’s your favorite blue for the bathroom? Let us know in the comments.