What is a home without a modern terrace or a garden? It might be a small apartament, geniously imagined, but it’s rarely something any of us dream about. Without an open space to call yours, the home becomes nothing more than an oversized bedroom you eagerly try to spend less time in. Casa Pina is something large enough to consider a spacious home and small enough to feel comfortable.

Designed by Italian architects of Fabio Fantolino, Casa Pina was seen as an apartment with a modern terrace overlooking the sea.

Located in Italy, the contemporary home showcases its charismatic design in both bright natural light and glamorous nightly ambiance with artificial light. Contrasting light and dark tones shape an elegant atmosphere. Corners become points of reference in the flow of the space and everything has its own place. This social open space is split between the kitchen and dining area by a table. White walls and textured volumes create a futuristic atmosphere softened by the choice of materials and wooden insertions.

The private bedroom area was imagined to be open towards the panoramic views, but also close on request with an electric curtain. Easily flowing outdoors, the main living space can become either a closed or an open environment.  Sliding the door to access the modern terrace brings you face to face with the relaxing coastal landscape.

Photos by Fabrizio Carraro present both the interior and the modern terrace. This outdoor space does wonder for the owner’s spiritual being. The interiors were imagined to touch more on the physical reality. This is why living spaces were decorated with neutral colors and a lot of texture. Close enough to your idea of a dreamy place to live in?