Named for the leafy Seattle neighborhood it calls home on the shore of Lake Washington, the Madrona House is 2,400 square feet of cool, contemporary architecture for a young and creative family. Made of concrete forms, metal and glass, this modern home is an ode to sleek forms and clean surfaces.

In a city where natural sunlight is seen as a priceless commodity (much as space is to New Yorkers), architects Stephenson Design Collective made sure to outfit this house with as many windows and light sources as possible to keep the darkness out and let the Vitamin D in.

The foyer is a hall of floor-to-ceiling windows adorned by a striking natural wood staircase with clear glass railings. The kitchen employs horizontal windows under the cabinets in lieu of a backsplash, and uses skylights to maximize natural light over the island/dining table.

A frosted screen separates the bathroom from the bedroom to create privacy while allowing natural light to flow between the two spaces. More light is brought into the master suite through a window in the walk-in shower.

Several storage solutions are built into the architecture, from the display shelving above the stairs to the built-in cabinets adjacent and the bookcase adjoining the kitchen island, allowing for less furniture and less clutter.

The poured concrete floors in this modern Seattle home are durable and easy to clean — a definite plus for this family with young children. [Photography by Lara Swimmer]

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