This modern ranch home in Big Timber, Montana makes the most of its picturesque location in the American West with panoramic views of the surrounding 2000-acre property.  Floor to ceiling windows wrap around the structure.  They add a touch of modern style and set everyday tasks against the backdrop of Montana’s Crazy mountains.

During the spring melt, water flows from these peaks into the flood plain surrounding this home.  Hughes Umbanhower Architects designed Big Timber Riverside so that home would look like its floating on the flooded plain.  It sits on a tall plinth, which allows the water to flow beneath its foundation.

Spring fed ponds surround the home with fresh water features year-round.  This adds a dramatic element to entry.  It includes a stone walkway over the pond water and natural stone steps up to a large, glass door.

The interior uses natural materials and clean lines to fuse rustic and modern styles.  For example, weathered wooden boards provide a beautiful backdrop to the home’s updated living room.  The living room also has one of three fireplaces featured throughout the home.  Each provides unique style and a cozy ambiance in cooler Montana temperatures.  (Photography and information courtesy of Hughes Umbanhower Architects)