Architect Leo Romano completed the design of Patio House in Goiania, Brazil. From the street, the daily lives of the residents are concealed by two stacked volumes: a yellow one underneath and a white cantilevered rectangular box on top.

The U-shaped house surrounds an inner courtyard, a swimming pool and lounge space. One side of the home opens to the patio through sliding glass doors with white sliding shutters, leading to a single wide stairway.

The main entrance is flanked by two imposing walls, one of which features a pattern of triangular piercings. The contemporary interiors are bright and spacious, with original furnishings and decor. Wood accents ensure a cozy, welcoming feel.

In the kitchen, the triangular pattern from the facade is reflected on one of the walls. The patterned refrigerator complements this play of light. A large open-plan living area extends outside. Seating areas throughout the house make it clear that the home was built for family gatherings and entertainment.

The Patio House serves as a study in contrasts: simple yet interesting, functional yet stylish, modern yet warm. What are your thoughts about this project? [Photography by Edgard Caesar]