Mexico-based architectural studio Reyes Rios + Larrain Arquitectos imagined a modern one story house known as Casa Itzimná. Its exotic name hints to the surprising architectural style. This 500 square meter one story house is located in Merida, on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. Its lightweight structure ensures the surrounding environment is minimally disturbed. Casa Itzimná also features solutions that help place the home in the energy-efficient class.

The modern Mexican home is a modular design that beautifully integrates in its historic neighborhood. Built not far from Medina’s historic center, Casa Itzimná uncovers its every corner to the design-hungry eye. Beyond floor-to-ceiling windows, the carefully manicured lawn offers an open space. This continues to shape an open floor plan inside. Best to say this home is both indoors and outdoors.

With so many places to spend quality time with friends and family and do different activities, this modern Mexican home qualifies as both a dream home and a dream vacation home in my book. Just look at how a brick pathway seems to split the jungle-like outdoors in two to allow you to pass. Clean, modern lines of the interior, when matched against the wild outdoor fauna, seems like a cocoon of comfort. The covered terrace provides a buffer between indoor and outdoor. Steel, cellular concrete, wood, bamboo and nature mix in an unforgettable architectural language.

Mature trees became part of the exotic setting and create a fascinating atmosphere at dusk. The newly built home replaces an older 1960s residence roughly the same size. Photographs by Pim Schalkwijk, Ignacio Rivero and Tim Street Porter showcase the modern Mexican home from different angles. This indoor/outdoor lifestyle is perfect for hot Mexican weather.