Known as the Minergie House, this family home evokes delicate minimalism. Located in Termen, Switzerland, it was designed by Zeiter + Berchtold and built by Matthias Werlen Architektur. The owner, one of the architects, wanted a home of wood and glass, with simple room layouts and an open view of the Rhonetal valley.

By combining locally grown wood with high-tech materials such as HI-MACS® natural acrylic stone, creative architects can erect inspiring projects in remote locations.

The home’s design started with the modern kitchen. We’ve seen this before, in this Romanian TV studio kitchen built for taping recipe videos; it serves as proof that the kitchen really is the heart of the home (and sometimes the heart of the business, too).

“Matthias Werlen and building owner Werner Berchtold worked closely together from the very beginning,” the architects say. “The concept, exterior design, floor plans and internal layout were placed in the hands of the architect, while Berchtold himself took on the entire interior design of the building.”

Based on an existing kitchen plan, the home was built to take advantage of its surroundings but also fit in with the existing context. “The design is a modern interpretation of the region’s traditional building styles,”explains Werlen. “In olden days, stone bases protected wooden barns from snow and water. With the Berchtold home, the concrete basement also separates the main house from its environment. In contrast, the open glass walls reconnect the home with its natural surroundings.”

According to HI-MACS, “The simple box-shaped wooden structure sits on a visible concrete base and juts out from the slope. The custom-made wooden home is opened up on three sides thanks to extensive glass walls on the first floor. The level wooden ceiling is perched only on sophisticated supports, enveloped by frameless overlap glazing.”

The architects say, “Due to the building’s position on a slope, the home’s entrance is at basement level, where the garage, utility room, cellar, foyer and office are located. The living area of the home starts on the first floor. Here, the kitchen not only constitutes the focal point of the room, but also stands at the exact center of the entire building.” Photos by Thomas Andenmatten show the home from different vantage points.

The natural acrylic was used not only for the kitchen, but also both of the home’s bathrooms. “We knew from the beginning that we wanted to use HI-MACS,” Berchtold says. “The material is ideal for the kitchen and bathroom because of its resistant, non-porous surface. And thanks to its thermoplastic properties, it offers versatile design options, from simple, rectangular shapes to generous, organically rounded lines.”

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