Located near the small town of Vilapol, in the Lugo region of Spain, the modern holiday house curiously shaped and displaying a dynamic floor plan was designed by Padilla Nicás Arquitectos. Spreading over 225 square meters on a triangular plot of land, the eye-catching modern holiday house uses its raised location to give owners the best possible natural panoramas.

Inspired by the land, following its sinuous lines, the architecture proposes a bold contemporary shape clearly visible from afar. Overlooking the ocean’s horizon, the modern holiday house caters to its family’s needs and desires. In the meantime, it follows the shape and elevation of the land, blending in the landscape beautifully.

The scale and layout of the openings seeks integration with the unique environment without sacrificing the strong desire to open up its most exposed facade to the landscape. The open internal plan facilitates movement between the main rooms, placed along the open sea front. Around this covered space is where the daily life of relax during the holidays occurs. The bright colors used in the interior are introduced as a contrast to the leaden skies of the Galician countryside.”

Boasting an elevated floor-plan in photos by Jose Hevia, the modern holiday house brings peace and tranquility. The family can relax as the rural landscape unfolds through framed windows.  Encouraged by the peaceful coastal landscape, family members and their holiday guests will feel free roaming the open floor plan and feel intensively connected to the outdoors. Where would you build your dream holiday house?