Inspired by Maison Dom-ino, an open floor plan design by famed architect Le Corbusier, Jorge Marsino Prado envisioned Asia House, a modern getaway with a twist. The 3,260-square-foot home is located in the Asia District south of Lima, Peru.

“The building standards for the small, semi-isolated lot in the middle of an artificial oasis only allowed the construction of a single-story house plus a roof terrace,” the architects said. Its residents enjoy “sun, space, vegetation and the view over the desert landscape between the Isle of Asia and the coastal foothills of the Andes.”

Built for seasonal vacations for family and guests, the house needed outdoor entertainment areas for the summer and a high level of privacy in the winter. The rooftop terrace offers plenty of space for socializing and dining. Wooden panels on the main level double as window shutters, completely hiding the first level when needed.

A vast array of materials and finishes defines the design scheme of this house in Peru. “The rational expression of the structure of iron columns, beams and concrete slabs is balanced with the organic expression of the spiral staircase,” the architects said. [Photography by Juan Solano Ojasi]