Spreading over an area of 275 square meters, this House near Moscow was imagined by M2 Architectural Group. Take a second to imagine a modern Russian residence. Because you are about to see how this modern forest house near Moscow beautify its surroundings and understand how it can change owner’s lifestyle for the better. It is an example of how contemporary architecture permeates forest clearings yet maintaining the beauty of nature.

When the modern house was built in the birch forest clearing it occupies, there were no trees cut in the process. Made out of two volumes dressed in large wooden planks, the sleek home’s functions were separated into two floors. The smaller volume shelters the garage, heating and air conditioning systems, while the larger volume boasts two above-ground floors pierced by floor-to-ceiling windows on the forest side, gathering views to the east.

Architect in charge Alexander Zhidkov imagined a functional, sleek and elegant collection of living spaces where larch floors and walls give the impression of living in an organic environment. Just a few moves and you’re outside, where the beauty of the untouched forest washes over you. Topped with a green roof, the modern forest house near Moscow is dotted with personalized details like bookshelves with complex geometry and stylish lamps.

The unifying element is the staircase connecting the public and the private floors. Imagine crossing the mezzanine to get to the cozy bedroom after having a wonderful dinner with family downstairs, in the inviting dining room or out on the deck. Grey tinted brick and larch wood compose a raw and natural atmosphere in the double-height living room. According to the architects, there is a second smaller living room upstairs connected to the main living spaces with a staircase. This space will eventually become a child’s bedroom.

White ceilings draw natural light in during the day and make the home light up at night, illuminating the dark forest. Orientation and the amount of natural light filtered inside was just as important as the way each interior frames surrounding views. Photographs by Eugene Kulibaba show how the landscape was incorporated into the design. This helped create a strong connection between indoors and outdoors, one that solidifies the owners relationship with surroundings.