Imagine living in a modern family villa like the Villa Spee Haelen in the Netherlands. Famous for living openly and inviting bright natural light inside with every chance, Dutch people inspire us to live fully in an environment that suits our needs and desires. Designed by architect Loek Stijnen of Lab32 Architecten for a married couple and their child, the now very sleek and modern home replaces an outdated bungalow from the 1960s. Now dressed in warm materials that attract compliments, the interiors are carefully hidden behind white plastering showcased by the facade.

Preferring the simplicity of country living, the family living here wanted a modern villa that opens to the outside both in the front and the back. Panoramic windows assemble green views as the volume floats above the undulating landscape. A seamless connection is thus formed between the outdoors and the carefully designed indoors, defining what elegance in design means.

The back side of the house welcomes family with a terrace complete with a pond and a swimming pool, perfect for rare sunny days. Carefully exploring this powerful connection between inside and outside, architects imagined a covered terrace that makes this transition easier. Interior decorator Rob Zeelen constructed a collection of minimalist interiors that keep the family’s lifestyle simple and functional, as they wished.