The 9¾ Bookstore and Café by Plasma Nodo is a playful place where people come to not only read, but also share their passion for design (and coffee). Located in Medellín, Colombia, the space is clearly more than just a modern bookstore and café — it was designed to encourage socialization.

Its nearly 1,300 square feet spreads over two floors, and the environment changes as you move through. Bookcases reminiscent of stories-high castle libraries reach up to the ceiling to create a feeling of awe. Created with children in mind, this modern bookstore features details such as chairs upholstered in textile maps and hexagonal nooks where children can draw, play, read or rest.

Children exploring the colorful, adventurous space for the first time will find a number of fun activities — and perhaps make some new friends. Returning is like discovering a whole new place, where different games can be played each time.

The ground floor, dressed in dark-framed glass, contains the bookstore’s entrance, collections and checkout, as well as an array of sweets. Sofas line a wall covered in green leaves, inviting you to sit in a surreal, nature-meets-design environment. The upper floor, a floating mezzanine that allows the bookcase on the lower level to be so tall, houses the café. Both private reading spots and shared tables are available.

9¾ Bookstore’s coffee (Colombian origin, of course) is prepared by experts. With coffee or tea in one hand and a good book in the other, and lots of nooks and crannies for the kids to explore, one could easily see how a relaxing afternoon here could become a habit. [Photographs by Daniel Mejía]