Located on the 18th floor of an apartment building in Moscow, this contemporary home was envisioned by architect Alexandra Fyodorova. You probably remember some of the work of the designer previously published on Freshome, such as this minimalist crib with a strong character or this flat located in the Triumph Palace building in Moscow. For this project, Alexandra Fyodorova re-planned the layout of a 140 square-meter apartment, maximizing efficiency. Consisting of a kitchen-living room, office, nursery, guest bathroom, dressing room and a separate common unit with a master bedroom, the place is perfect for accommodating a growing family.

In the open-air living room, a simple color palette in white, black and gray was employed, “disrupted” only by the yellow chairs and blue sofa cushions. A modern chandelier above the dining table diversifies the geometry of the interior, with its dynamic appearance. The gray sofa complements an almost hypnotizing background of asymmetric line patterns. We like the bright apple-green home office and the way it looks against the wooden unit, as well as the portable lighting element with its decorative appeal. Have a look at the photos and tell us if you discover any other interesting details!