Utsunomiya House in Tochigi, Japan, was envisioned by Suppose Design Office. When planning the house, the architects played with the concept of a gabled roof that separates the interior and outdoor spaces.

However, there is a catch: An ambiguous area between the volume of the house and the roof creates living spaces that can be considered either inside or outside. Similar to an engawa, or Japanese-style veranda, these spaces provide opportunities for social interaction.

“The family can have an open-air meal, or use the garden on rainy days, which changes the atmosphere of the daily life inside an ordinary house,” the architects said. We love how the layout bring a dynamic feel to the functional project, said to mirror the idea of “nostalgic modernity.”

An abundance of wood on the walls and floors add welcome warmth to the stark, minimalist interiors. Distinctive inclined walls and numerous windows add to the playful ambiance. Enjoy the virtual tour and let us know what you think! [Photography by Toshiyuki Yano]