Good things come in threes, right? It certainly seems to be the case on the charming island of Vinalhaven. Though it sounds straight out of a fairytale, it’s actually an island off the coast of Maine in Penobscot Bay, USA.

These charming minimalist guesthouses are named Little House on the Ferry, and the retreat was designed by GO Logic with much appreciation and consideration of the surrounding landscape.

“The small cabins hover on piers above a former quarry, an approach that has minimized the impact of the building construction on the delicate recovering vegetation in the area,” the architects explained. “The units are comprised of a living and dining cabin and two separate sleeping cabins, each with a bedroom and bathroom.” This small cluster creates a series of intimate and private spaces with strong visual connections to the outdoors.

The result of an old quarry rehabilitation, the project is intended as a nature refuge for visiting family and friends. The minimalist interior design is enhanced by coastal decorative elements.

“Given the remote nature of the site, and the very fragile conditions of the building location, a prefabricated cross-laminated timber (CLT) panel system was chosen,” Go Logic further explained. “The structural capacity and ruggedness of the panels reinforce the simple form and material palette of the cabins, creating a clean, simple building form with material warmth that showcases the construction system.” [Information provided by Go Logic; Photography by Trent Bell]