Built in 1898 in a Beaux-Arts style, the walls of 4 East 74th Street in New York City have stories. Famed artist Marc Chagall lived and worked in the top level in 1941. Michael Jackson lived there in 1999 and 2000. It’s perfectly located a block from Central Park and off 5th Avenue. Current owner Marc Lasry, the billionaire co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, has listed it for $39 million. Take a look at the stunning mansion, especially the furnishings and interiors.

It may look familiar — the exterior was filmed as Nate Archibald’s house on Gossip Girl.

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michael jackson house new york city

The entrance and main level lead to the parlor floor. Image: Modling Group

The architect, Alexander Welch, also designed Alexander Hamilton’s Harlem home, Hamilton Grange.

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The limestone facade and ornate deals are all original. Image: Modling Group

It’s 12,745 square feet and spread out over six stories.

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There are a lot of stairs to climb in the six-story townhouse but there’s also an elevator. Image: Modling Group

The townhouse features three beautifully furnished sitting rooms and 10 wood-burning fireplaces.

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Velvet, as featured on this contemporary sectional, is the hottest upholstery textile of the moment. Image: Modling Group

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The white theme of this contemporary sitting room is the perfect backdrop for the garden views outside. Image: Modling Group

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This corner sitting room has a tailored, masculine and modern feel to it. Image: Modling Group

There’s a library …

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Deep lounge chairs in a circular layout give the library a modern and less formal feel. Image: Modling Group

and a stunning formal living room.

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Light, cool tones of blues, greys and white are very urban and polished. Image: Modling Group

The 16 rooms feature original oak hardwood floors and crown molding.

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Handcrafted oak floors are set in a herringbone pattern. Image: Modling Group

There are three outdoor spaces: a main floor deck, third floor terrace and a landscaped roof deck with views.

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The main floor deck is offset from the street to create a private oasis. Image: Modling Group

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The rooftop terrace with skyline views has its own kitchen. Image: Modling Group

There are seven bedrooms, all master-suite in size and style.

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The bedrooms have original and functioning fireplaces. Image: Modling Group

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Many of the rooms feature garden or treeline views. Image: Modling Group

And eight gorgeous bathrooms like this one:

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All bathrooms are updated with the best materials available. Image: Modling Group

The house may be almost 120 years old but the kitchen is state of the art.

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The 21′ x 28′ kitchen features an eat-in nook. Image: Modling Group

There’s a butler’s serving area next to this stunning grand parlor dining room.

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The second-story dining room seats 16 or more. Image: Modling Group

The townhome is a perfect balance of keeping all its original details intact, yet the furnishings, art and color selection give it an inviting, contemporary look. What’s your favorite room?