Living in a Mexican apartment can be particulary chic, especially when the interior design proves space to be like a blank page. The Cordoba Flat by Cadaval & Sola-Morales is a fun example of how space partitioning creates attractive spaces.

With a defining black and white color palette basked in natural and artificial light, the Mexican apartment invites the eye to jump from one detail to the next in search of a smooth flow and a balanced use of space, color, texture and light. And as you see the images, the space reveals details that shape a crisp interior design.

This private home boasts a mezzanine that creates the chance to showcase living, dining and kitchen under a tall ceiling. This leaves the upstairs space open to the downstairs. It creates an open space where the private, social and work spaces are intertwined. Texture, patterns and natural light meet in this fascinatingly creative space. Left to right and up and down, the whole space looks inviting.

The tall living room has a staircase leading up to the mezzanine level. This floor-plan solution enlarged what otherwise would have been a bland layout for a Mexican apartment. Mezzanine levels can create a stunning way to interrupt the given space and make way for out-of-the-box thinking. Seeing is believing, so take a look at these 31 inspiring mezzanine levels to uplift your spirit.

White walls contrast dark storage space aligned along the wall and shaping entrances. This dark addition also shelters the kitchen utensils and leaves the space open for dining.

Here and there, color punctuates the spaces, reminding us to stay bright and cheery. Exposed brick walls, either raw or painted white, playfully mix with the black and white patterned rug in the living space or the splashed of yellow and green. Photos by Miguel de Guzman show how the spaces flow one into the next. This flowing floor-plan helps transit from social to private in a refreshingly open way, creating a modern Mexican apartment that encourages interaction.