The architect Cristian Hrdalo completed the renovation of this countryside holiday home in 2008. The clients had a large family, with 8 children and 12 grandchildren, and wished to renovate the central lodge, Maiten. Smaller cabins surround the lodge, giving each family some privacy with a central space to gather.

Located in southern Chile near the city of Puerto Octay, Maiten is 950 meters of beach front lake shore property. Bounded in between two streams, the lodge overlooks the Llanquihue Lake, with a view of two volcanoes, Osorno and Calbuco. The entire property is hemmed in by forests, providing privacy.

The most striking architectural detail is, of course, the long rust colored house set up perpendicular to the stone masonry foundation. It gives the impression of floating above, providing a shady spot to relax and converse with a view of the water. The back of the home is open with large bay windows, giving a sweeping view of the landscape, while the surrounding trees maintain a degree of privacy. Small stone details on the top building maintain consistency.