Living in a modern dream home might seem like something reserved for a handful of lucky people. There’s always somewhere else you’d like added to you home, maybe it will look like something out of a magazine. Architects and designers know how hard it is to keep it simple and add only the necessary elements to shape wonderful spaces. This modern concept house is no exception. Designed by Australian design and build studio Canny for their Lubelso pre-designed homes brand, the Robinson Concept Home rises proud in Melbourne, Australia.

Seen by its creators as “an evolution from our first concept home and triple award-winner, the Spring in Malvern“, the Robinson Concept Home is said to be similar to the precedent in terms of “exterior look, smart design and luxurious elements“. Even more, the modern concept home was designed and built with the lowest possible budget.

Melbourne’s luxury home builders have outdone themselves with this elegant, contemporary and bright pre-fab home design. Specialized in contemporary residential designs, Canny and their sub-brand Lubelso promise to create high-quality residences for those who want to explore this fantastic side of life. “We’ve used luxury fittings and fixtures, including European appliances, 3m high ceilings, floor to ceiling windows and natural stone benchtops all complimented by a neutral colour scheme.”