Located in Lima, Peru, The Living House portrays energy and fluidity. The house was designed by Chetecortes Architects for a family of frequent travelers.

The house’s layout supports this energy of movement, with sweeping open spaces and long pathways, allowing energy to flow freely throughout. Completed in 2016, it’s 530 square meters (5,700 square feet) of dynamic space, with an invisible staircase connecting both spacious floors.

While the interior is impressive, The Living House derives its name from the exterior design. Using photography as a tool, there are two human bodies imposed into the architecture — one is sleeping, at rest, with weight distributed evenly across the surface.

The other is a person about to take a step, in a fixed place, but with the intention and suggestion of movement. Two static cubed pillars represent this support, making the house appear still only for the time being, ready to continue its journey at any moment.