Vietnam is experiencing more rapid urbanization than ever,  quickly turning from a tropical jungle to a fast-paced cityscape. In Ho Chi Minh City, where this project is located, only .25% of the entire urban area is devoted to green space. Lack of trees are tied to a variety of issues, from flash flooding to soil instability to air pollution, not to mention a more mundane landscape of concrete and asphalt. Vo Trong Nghia Architects have an unusual solution for this expanding problem: sharing your home with a tree.

Completed in 2014, these five concrete houses in the shape of pillars serve as “pots” for the living trees on their roofs. A thick soil layer retains water, absorbing rain, which helps reduce the risk of flooding. Each of these prototypes was designed to be affordable to encourage adoption and expansion — each home runs around $155,000 in American dollars.

Each house runs roughly 475 square meters, making them comfortable living arrangements for their human and tree tenants.